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At LeadsOnline, our commitment to information security, confidentiality, availability, and transparency is at the core of everything we do. We understand the profound responsibility that comes with handling law enforcement sensitive information and empowering federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to uphold public safety. Throughout this site, you will find our information security program to be aligned with best practices as designated by CJIS and the AICPA Trust Services Criteria. Our comprehensive approach to these critical areas ensures that your trust and the trust of your community are safeguarded while achieving your crime-fighting objectives effectively.

LeadsOnline provides advanced criminal investigations systems for use by law enforcement officials in their official duties. These systems are web-based, SaaS-delivered services which are centrally managed and supported by LeadsOnline personnel. LeadsOnline’s services are leveraged by more than 6,000 law enforcement agencies and more than 70,000 users every year in the United States. Thus, LeadsOnline does not perform custom software development, undertake any work-for-hire arrangements, or come on site for anything except for the occasional in person training. Users register for accounts at and are provisioned access by LeadsOnline personnel after a verification process. Single Sign On and Multifactor Authentication are also available at the request of the client agency. Data is stored centrally in Tier 1 data centers in Texas – one for primary, and one for disaster recovery. All LeadsOnline personnel have been fingerprinted and background checked both federally and locally, have signed the FBI CJIS security addendum, are CJIS level 4 certified, and attend regular security training. LeadsOnline undergoes an annual SOC2 to evaluate the company against the AICPA Trust Services criteria. The company’s SOC2 and SOC3 documents are available for download on this site.

This security program applies equally to LeadsOnline’s PowerPlus, TotalTrack, FastFind, Metal Theft Investigations System (MTIS), Real Time Crime, and CellHawk products, as all are provisioned and managed on the same technology platform by the same personnel.

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Multi-Factor Authentication
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Data Security

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App Security

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Data Privacy

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Data Center
Infrastructure Security
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Network Security

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Corporate Security

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